IBM, you made me miss Formula 1!

October 28, 2018, was the day the announcement was made that IBM was to acquire Red Hat for the amazing number of 34 billion dollars. This day was also the day that Max Verstappen drove to victory during the Formula 1 Mexico 2018 race and Lewis Hamilton claimed his 5th world title.


Unfortunately the announcement -I saw it first being published on Bloomberg- made me miss the first 30 laps of the race ;)

This was not because I was not watching the TV, I was, but somehow I could not keep paying attention to make anything out of the race.

Soon after the initial “rumours”, the announcement was confirmed by my company Red Hat, and IBM, posting a news story on both their websites.

Amazing, weird, what does this mean, cool, huh? A lot came to mind in the first few minutes after the announcement. I needed more time to process this, that was for sure. I turned to my phone to check what my team members and colleagues were sharing.

Looking at the different chats all the feelings you can imagine were there. Rational responses, irrational responses. At that time we had only seen the official announcements, any response at the time, was solely based on these.

I turned back to myself. I had a lot of experience with IBM, their technology, their services, and their support department. Before joining Red Hat I was CTO at an IBM and Red Hat business partner using both vendors’ technology and service to support our customers.

During my years at Red Hat, I also have had the opportunity to work together with IBM, specifically the Global Business Services department, as part of our ongoing partnership. My prejudice went overboard the first time I met with these people.

Boys, girls of different nationalities. All extremely, intrinsically motivated people, sharing about their engagements in the areas of blockchain, IoT, machine learning, quantum computing, and more. Amazing projects, innovations and achievements. A different IBM, the new IBM, and the IBM I was going to work with.

From the initial announcement and during follow-up briefings we consistently heard Red Hat would be operating as a distinct unit within IBM’s Hybrid Cloud team. Great news, Red Hat is my company, of course, I want to keep my brand, e-mail address, technology, the same office, go-to-market, my team. I wanted to benefit of the this merger as well. How would this work?

Source: LinkedIn

Last week the merger was finally there. I am very happy with this milestone and am looking forward to experience what we can achieve together!

Chief Digital Advisor at Red Hat | Creating organizational impact through Open Transformation

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